Wednesday, 26 May 2010


A beautiful, full pink rose has emerged at the back of the garden.

Terribly exciting.

It's a little bit strange the way the garden has been planted. There are small clumps of lovely flowers. The crocuses and snowdrops featured in two small clumps in separate parts of the garden. There are two roses. They look like they've only been planted. They're are that small. Again separated. There looks to be a very tiny fir tree hidden behind the pink rose. A yellow flowered plant - again looks like it's just been bought and planted up. Two tulips came up in March. Some dwarf dafs appeared in a pot that is now full of weeds. Lots of green plants - but they're positioning makes a little bit of sense.

All very weird.

or maybe that's not weird at all.

If I were to see this garden I would assume that someone had bought some established but young plants and planted them into a garden without weeding first.

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