Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ooo sunshine - bugger.

I have to stop myself from checking my little projects obsessively.

I made a point of leaving them alone this morning. However I am sitting here fretting about the possible waste of money/gain of shame that might transpire after a few more days of tentative sunshine that we have been experiencing. The potential of a sunny day is now just as much a threat and a joy. I can blame (or so I tell myself) any poor returns on a lack of sunshine and extended cold weather. With good weather in the offing... I can only blame myself and my cackhanded-ness.

What will it do to my blind determination to acquire green fingers or at least sickly chartreuse digits?

I'm desperately trying to work out what to do with the leftover flower plugs. At the moment they are serving as a snail cafe whilst flaunting their excellent health to their poor siblings that got Sarah-May-ed.

As said previously, I'm also learning how to build websites. I'm making loads of mistakes but that is where the similarity ends. Its very obvious when I have done something right and living things aren't getting harmed in the process. I am doing pretty well actually. I've progressed very suddenly to inserting/editing code freehand (is that the word I want) rather than copying and pasting. Very exciting.

I added a bought coriander plant to my growbag of herbs last night. The mint, parsley and chives are growing surviving wonderfully. The flat leaf parsley has been perky for a few days now which has cheered me up no end.

So... talking about the growing of herbs and politics being very similar now - ok so we weren't but the fact that I have four different herbs growing together in one growbag it made me think of politics and the fact that we are now being run under a coalition. The UKgovernment (timely edit made at 18:22pm as that would be a whole different thing) being the growbag ::cough:: - stick with me - and the herbs representing the different parties.

Granted there are only two parties joining forces and not four but will it end up being as harmonious as herb-life in my growbag.

I worry that things might not run of smoothly as it should.

I think a lot of people have a point in their concern that the Lib Dems, who came third, have had the upperhand in all of this. They have, in some ways, employed a form of very civilised blackmail. The British are well known for backing the underdog and this is a wonderful thing. However I am a little uncomfortable about how all this has played out. I just hope that the Lib Dems have played their cards to win for the voters and not for their own personal ambitions.

My political leanings cover both the Lib Dems and Conservatives so the both of them together should be a good thing (in my world).

Anyway thats the end of my very poor simile.

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