Thursday, 20 May 2010

Links galore

In this article I found some wise words that have left me feeling a little less inept, and rather just inexperienced with room for improvement.

Thrifty gardening according to Alys Fowler whose book I've been pouring over, Just in this article alone you will find some great ideas to get you started but in particular how to view anything and everything as a potential gardening item. She also gives some wonderful tips in her books on how to understand nature better. For instance how to decipher what soil you have before using expensive soil test kits.

This website is a wonderful idea and not only that, its beautiful to look at.

This seems to be the best weed identifying site I've managed to find. I'm sure I have every single one ; / However, the little blue flowers with the lovely leaves growing out of my brick walls are delightful.

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