Sunday, 16 May 2010

How to get on with your neighbours - tip 28

28. Don't do anything remotely weird where they can see you.

Picture this - I'm wearing a ginormous t-shirt with a weird looking pig in an unsuitable bikini emblazoned across the front (bought in Florida circa 1990) and a pair of trousers that have seen better days. The trousers have a huge slit in it where I decided it was a great idea to slice paper up using a stanley knife with no protection on my lap.

My hair has it's usual ducks bum-esque style fringe as I've not bothered to brush my hair today - it is Sunday after all.

PERFECT time to do a spot of impulsive gardening.

Potting up to be exact.

There was a weird looking ant thing messing about with a weird looking spherical thing about 5mm in diameter in my leftover petunias. Makes me itch just thinking about it. I left that one alone.

::itch itch shudder::

You'll be glad to know I've saved a few more plugs (speaking the lingo now) from polystyrene prison. I now have one more hanging basket which I now remember I was saving for growing tomatoes. Dammit. A pot found in the garden is now filled too.

I'm about the clear my kitchen windowsill so I can pot up the lovely herb kit Jo and Wendy got me for my birthday and some of the other kits that I bought from the 99p shop.

Nathan did a fab job putting the shelves up. All my books on the sill will be going up there.

::itch itch shudder::

Way too many insects out there people and what in hells bells was that spherical thing and what was that ant doing with it in my petunias? Ant football?

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