Me and My Garden.

I have a vision:

To clean and paint the lovely wall in my garden white and there hang my gorgeous spanish plates. We have a shed that you can't see in the below pictures. At the moment it is an almost purpley grey. I'd like to repaint this purple and hang a nice curtain in the window. I'd like to paint the fence more orange or turquoise. I'd like to clean up all the concrete in the garden and tile the steps. The gravel is boring so I'd like to swap it for a more colourful kind. Tidy up the borders and re-lay the grass. You can't see this but the grass is very patchy and is not level. Lots of holes and small hills.

Eventually I'd like the garden to be a funky mix of cottage and Mediterranean style. With fruit/veg/herbs potted up in interesting ways.

When we moved in.

Taken May '10. Not worrying about the main part just yet.
 Too many weeds for my liking. Or what I believe are weeds.

 Lovely snowdrops and crocus' that came up around about February.

The beautiful crocus' which practically glowed.

Nathan and me-self.