Friday, 28 May 2010

Hung, drawn and quartered!

I have finally hung up one of the baskets.

I think the holder is put up wrong but what the hey. Nathan drilled the holes and the crumbly wall made the first hole go HUGE but I wangled it by inserting an almost big enough rawl plug and made that one bigger by inserting a smaller rawl plug inside that. I am clearly a DIY genius.

I'm just glad that these look much fuller because blimey, they looked sparse when I first put them together. They're taking a sodding long time to flower but had to get them up because the snails had clearly mis-assumed that they were there for their feeding pleasure.

I'm desperate to make the walkway to our house more pleasant.
Hence the planter in the window.

What does one do when they're in a leaseholder premises? The leaseholder has promised to re-paint the building for the last two years before we moved in apparently. How far can I go?

I think I've already made a huge but probably typical rookie mistake. The flowers I've planted are a mixture of sunny and shade plants. Bugger!

Extra! Extra! - Update on kitchen window seedlings. 

The chillies and herb set aren't doing anything that I can see.

Everything else is growing at astonishing rates. Last night I checked when I got home from work and the sunflowers were poking out of the soil by 9pm they were fully out of the soil and about to shed their seed casing.

Is it weird that I'm totally blown away by this?

I can't wait to see what has happened by the time I get home.

I'm getting a mango stone ready to pot up. I need to get it to over-ripe stage then cut up the stone to get to the bean in the centre apparently and it's this that I plant up.

I've also added a pot full of four kidney beans that I'm going to try and grow. See if that works.

Soon comes the hard part. I've got to prick out each seedling and transfer them into individual pots. ::epp::


I've finally put two seed potatoes (that I got from the pound shop) in the potato grower bag I bought in B&Q and I also put two seed potatoes in a Morrisons large use-again bag. Apparently you do two per 30cm bag.

The potatoes that I was chitting up are, after all, totally unsuitable for growing. Oh well!

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