Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I have a million (well at least 10) posts that I have failed to errr post

A quick update:

Things have been growing.

I've been waging war on pests and the odd one fought back.

Sweetcorn grew then died - I am finding out why. It is a common occurrence apparently.

I went to Barcelona for my birthday

I got inspired by gorgeous and funky spanish balcony gardens.

I further got inspired by a South American gift shop and now I considering a day of the dead theme for the garden.

I already have a day of the dead skull to place in future theme - I had a painting crockery party for my birthday and I chose to paint a skull.

We went to Arundal castle on the bank holiday just gone and I've fallen in love with Alliums and the Fitzalan Garden they have there. Oh my!

I'm awaiting loads of gardening things for my birthday presents apparently.

I got a fab tiered cake stand from a group of my close friends with deep shelves so I think I may turn that into a planting stand.

I'm going to B&Q tonight. Yay!


  1. To answer your questions regarding Allium, I usually plant 3 or 5 in a group and they are planted in autumn. There are quite a number of varieties, but the ones in my photos are purple sensation. I have some in pots too and then you can move them to where you want them in the garden to fill a hole or put together with another plant. The corkscrew hazel is easy to grow. Mine has been in a large pot with a saucer underneath for at least six years, it does restrict its growth, so if you have room in the border for it I would plant it. Feel free to use my trellis idea - how about attaching one to your shed, painted a darker shade of purple and then plant with trailing geraniums and the like. Car boots are good places to pick up cheap tools and I think I got the silver buckets that my auriculas are in off ebay. Have you painted your back fence yet? I would suggest a dark brown or even black because plants stand out against a dark background so well, imagine the alliums against black - wonderful! I must say I was quite inspired by the first photo of your garden, it really has potential. If you would like any design ideas just let me know, I'm quite happy to do some rough sketches for you.

  2. PS Do you need to keep the grass?

  3. Oh, I love Barcelona! That city inspires me as well. Big time. Looking forward to seeing your garden and reading your tips!

    (By the way, I'm the one from the Life with FlyLady blog.)

  4. By the way 2 ;) - I just saw the pictures of your garden and I love love love that old brick wall! Imagine that with some pretty roses up against it - gorgeous!!

  5. Ooo thank you for the comments and advice.

    A red fence and a purple shed were my thinking but black would be magnificent you're right and I could hide against it if I upset the boyfriend :) (I generally wear black) A trellis on the shed sounds like a spot on idea. I definitely want to give the garden a colourful exotic feel. Akin to Day of The Dead or a proper romany gypsy caravan :)

    We were planning on trying to grow back the grass first before totally doing away with it as I keep reading that grass is still sort after. Got some shady garden grass seeds :)

    The garden definitely has potential and I fell in love with the old victorian garden wall when we first viewed. The rest of the garden beyond our fence gets most of the light and has even more potential but it belongs to the people who rent the rest of the flats who don't give a monkeys about gardening. Shame, although if we manage to make a good go of this we might see what the options are about buying the rest of the garden.