Monday, 16 May 2011

Excuses excuses

I seem to have many of them!

However I am going to be sorting out my garden soon as I need to get everything into the ground before we head off to see my family in Florida.

Moved all my plants into my mini-greenhouse when the builders turned up. Well my boyfriend did and I cam home to find everything looking very sorry for itself. I gave everything a slug of water and things are looking more perky yay!

Aldi have some great deals on bedding flowers etc including things like French Marigolds which are perfect to plant near herbs and veg as a way of keeping down pests naturally. I do have seeds for these but I am learning that I only have a small amount of patience with growing things from seed. The whole process of thinning out etc just gives me an opportunity to - you guessed it - make excuses.

This is why I've not planted anything into the ground yet as I must have companion planting in place as well or else pests will ruin everything. I think the worst pest in my garden might just be me. :)

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