Thursday, 14 April 2011

On the subject of weeds

I got attacked by a beetle when I lost it (a tiny bit) in despair at what to do about our weed problem. I was going a bit gung ho at a crop of something in my soon to be filled herb bed without gloves. My poor middle finger came up in a big lump.

I struggle with the whole dirt and insects thing as it is without that.

I'm also having to train myself to see some other things as weeds. In the space of one week last month I heard the same thing said a few times. A weed is any plant/flower that is in the wrong place. There are a number of perfectly good plants in the wrong place.

Will I be able to get around the fact that I will be killing plants and flowers just because they are in the wrong place for my garden needs?

1 comment:

  1. Our plan for the day is actually to buy some shears and chop the hell out of the weeds in our little patch of scrub, but now I feel conflicted ;) Anita x