Sunday, 6 June 2010

Survival of the fittest.

When re-potting the tomatoes, I had some leftover weaker looking specimins which I decided to just throw in the garden... to see what happened. I totally forgot about it, but as I was filling up some new pots, I happened to notice a very familiar looking seedling. Two of the tomato seedlings had made a home. Now these two are obviously very determined as I didn't sow them just chucked. The sickly looking sunflower I put in my growbag with the herbs is looking pretty snug too. Watch this space!

I've gone a bit gung-ho now and I've sown a garlic clove and some passion fruit seeds. Just to see what will happen. I'm wise to the fact that the garlic needs to be sown in autumn for results but I'm interested to see what occurs now. At some point I will add papaya seeds, avocado and mango to my fleet. I'm enjoying the experimentation.

I really don't like re-potting. It seems too dangerous for the plants. Have thinned out my pouch of basil which I'm not convinced was the best way of doing it. It's made to look so easy and yet I really do not find it so.

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