Sunday, 6 June 2010

Success! and weed control.

It's pretty evident to me now that I am going to have to do something with the actual garden. The weeds are out of control and the pumpkin plant that our friend gave to us is growing at a super-duper rate.

Every time I pop into B&Q, I look at the weed display and have to turn away again as there is too many bottles and packets to choose from. I very unwisely figured that you just spray this around your garden and it only kills the weeds and not the plants. I have since learned otherwise.

So what to do?

There are a number of plants that I want to keep or feel I should keep is more accurate. I also want to plant the pumpkin as apparently they need deep roots and who am I to neglect poor penelope to her roots needs. Never forget your roots!

There are a number of options and it is pretty clear that I don't have time or patience for most of them.

Laying down old carpet or some sort of covering for years on end is not my bag. However I think if me and Nathan can get our arses in gear, my plan will be this:

1. Dig up as many of the weeds as possible.

2. Treat other weeds growing in areas such as the gravelly section of my garden with this procedure or vinegar.

3. Mulching. I've found a lovely black bark which I think will look pretty amazing. However I think I need more reading into this. There is no point putting down something that looks cool but stops all plants from growing.

On an old note, my baskets are looking pretty funky now and have flowered. My totally inappropriate efforts at pricking out are looking ok. One sunflower got a beheading when a tomato plant fell on it. Still not sure how that happened. The tomato plants look willing to survive for a bit longer.

The potato bags are showing little green buds - how exciting!

I'm feeling pretty happy about it all.

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